A quick tour of the HGTV Smart Home

A quick tour of the HGTV Smart Home

It’s a state capital, a center of Southern culture and the heart of the Research Triangle – and now, Raleigh, N.C., is also the setting for the HGTV® Smart Home 2016. Fans can visit HGTV.com/Smart to get a first look at the new home that, like its location, is a perfect blend of innovation and Carolina charm.
Constructed by locally owned builder, Homes by Dickerson, the home is part of a grand prize package valued at more than $1.2 million that will be awarded this summer. In addition to the home and all its furnishings, the grand prize package includes a 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC and $100,000 from national mortgage lender Quicken Loans®. The three-level traditional craftsman home is approximately 3,300-square-feet, with four bedrooms and five bathrooms, cleverly constructed with tech gadgets and smart solutions to enhance entertaining and everyday living.
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  1. How is this a "smart home"? Nothing she mentioned had anything to do with connected appliances or wifi thermostats or anything.

  2. Too bad this wonderful home is located in NC – I wouldn’t even feel safe to use a restroom there with the hysteria of checking IDs or genitals.

  3. Truly believe Property Brothers or Fix Upper will do a much better inside decoration job.

  4. Enjoy the high techniques, but hate to see the brand-new beautiful bricks to be painted. Love the house, but has hard time to enjoy the inside decoration…

  5. yes it is plus in the rules they say they can take the furniture back it’s only to show what the home could look like.

  6. love the interior decoration it describes my personal style and as a fashion designer and fashion merchandiser the balance between prints and solid colors its amazing and not overwhelming to the eye. Great job hope am the lucky one

  7. Yes please!

  8. For 1.2 million in NC, this is shit. For that amount here, it best be on 10 acres of land. Also it’s a sin to paint bricks in the south.

  9. Beautiful work Ms. Brooks. It looks inviting.

  10. This is a Joke. The Producers actually screen the winner, pull photos of the person, see what kind of job they have, what their lifestyle is like, etc.,  before the winner is notified. If there are things about the person they don’t find favorable, , they’ll pursue the next individual or couple in line. This is NOT a "Random” draw — the winner is Individually Selected and needs to MEET their personal requirements.  This, of course, is not specifically posted ANYWHERE — because it’s illegal.  Read the Terms and Conditions to see the about the Background Check.

  11. The wallpaper has to go. Tacky. I will be changing that. Furniture of course will be leather not cloth and the bathroom tile looks like super marios dungeon. Going to need that to be marble. other than those 3 issues i think this house is ideal for keebler elves.

  12. I love it, keeping my fingers crossed, single mom…

  13. the dark pictures in the dinning room look to be ugly that freaking wall paper blue n green terrible

  14. If all y’all keep hating it’s gone be a problem watch television let me help y’all HGTV So keep y’all 🤐 SHUT

  15. i love it come out so baeuful

  16. Hope I can win this for my mom. She deserves so much more than what we have now 😕

  17. Totally ugly design!

  18. So excited about this opportunity! Would be a great wedding gift for the fiance’ and I, fingers crossed!

  19. I don’t like Tiffany’s ugly design the colors are ugly n the whole home furnishings look cheap the colors r not warm n y make a nursery when u don’t suppose to know who’s gonna win yeah right

  20. I want this home so much

  21. beautiful design…love the colors

  22. oh man. i hope luck is on my wife and i’s side. i don’t even know what i would do if i won. be happy that our kid gets to grow up in an awesome home.

  23. that room the nursery should have been a regular twin bed dresser n nightstand with a lamp TV n at least a closet

  24. You don’t like entering into the kitchen, the yellow chair outside & backsplash in the kitchen. The nursery can be office, extra room or game den for kids. The house has good potential but needs a lot of changes to a person living. Nothing to say for a somewhat free house. It’s gotta have a caught to it.

  25. looks good

  26. Excellent job on this amazing home!!! We love Raleigh and HGTV! Thank you for the chance to win this home! 💝 Leslie and Robbie

  27. This would be a great wedding gift for me and my woman! I’m praying that this falls through for us!!

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