A tour of the HP Smart Home at the Cupertino Campus

A tour of the HP Smart Home at the Cupertino Campus

http://www.tweaktown.com After the craziness that was CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, I headed on up north west to San Francisco where I had the chance to meet up with several big players in the tech industry. One of them was HP who invited me to their Cupertino campus to take a video tour of their impressive Smart Home.

What is the Smart Home? It’s literally a house that sits in one of the parking lots and is used as a very effective way to showcase the latest and greatest products to come from HP. It was first setup and displayed several years ago at CES in Las Vegas as a means to show customers and media a true to life implementation of connected HP technologies inside the home. The decision was made to send the house back to HP’s Cupertino campus in California and set it up permanently. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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  1. To make people even more lazier than they are now.

  2. Well, this is not a HP invention.. 🙁
    The real invention here is life|ware, they just have there HP connected to it.

  3. Why so much clicking around in the system if it is smart. Someone really need to invent this smart home thing again. Like jobs did with the iphone. I watched lot of videos but nothing shows anything new.

  4. Nice try!

  5. I watched just half of this, but I still managed to find 4 reasons why this house sucks:
    1. All those devices work really slowly.
    2. Glass table in front of the eyefinity setup reflects everything in the game.
    3. Too many monitors and all of them have glossy surface.
    4. You cannot control doors, bed, drapes, cooling, etc. remotely.

  6. this is from where kids never goes out???? geee LAME LAME

  7. you look desperate hp!

  8. LAME! wow nothing new 😐

  9. How long I wonder before we will able to just speak our commands like "lights on" or "screen on" and "call Sara" and so on?

  10. This is wonderful the home in my dreams.

  11. I don’t like this clip either. A lot of useless technology here. I don’t care if my living room can interface with the hallway. My living space is just over a thousand square feet. A digital wall thermostat is ten steps away from every point in the house. Just putting up more screens is not an improvement. By the way, the worst computer I’ve ever owned was an HP.

  12. @Snake1979xfire You could build your own a lot cheaper using some cool open source software and non-hp hardware, although you will have to do some basic scripting and some electronics your self. The lights are pretty easy to do.
    I would start with a mythtv server and build a few client machines that connect to every TV in the house and then with some basic scripts make do cool things like turn on/off lights and similar things this hp smart home can do.

  13. I like that it’s a realistic vision and not some extreme concept home. But I would love to see that too. I envision hp using the upcoming Kinect for Windows for voice and gesture commands.

  14. Way too much monitors.

  15. Why are laptop manufacturers still putting analogue VGA ports on their laptops?

  16. Damn man its awesome… but uhmm whos going to pay the bill at the end of the year with all those screens and the whole server.

  17. How lame is this…. nothing new here. Not even voice controlled. With large pockets like HP one would think they could put something together impressive rather than this lameOOOOO.

    Typical video made by suits rather than geeks.

  18. 2016 and I still think this is cool

  19. This is more of a product showcase than it is about this "smart house". Im disappointed in this video

  20. Semi Tony Stark House.

  21. hp sucks!!

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