Bosch breaks into smart home security with three new gadgets

Bosch breaks into smart home security with three new gadgets

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Headlined by a camera that plays hide and seek, Bosch’s connected gadgets keep watch over your home.

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  1. Apple Home Kit support?

  2. I love the pop up, cam. like a submarine, and u know when it’s watching u. not like other cams, always watching you till u turn them away.

  3. for a moment i thought the alert says ‘holy smoke’!! lol

  4. useful

  5. Finally products that I can put my money into ! I would by all three of them

  6. I love the porch light and the 360 cam!

  7. and 2nd like

  8. Title alone is funny XD. Oh and the Hillary is f#cking stupid, unless you want a communistic, classless country, which no one needs nor wants.

  9. Chinese shit

  10. Really surprised that nobody seems to have done a review on the Bosch Eyes Outdoor Camera yet.

  11. Waoooo,Bosch is at it again, I can’t wait to have this in Nigeria, nice piece of tech, though…

  12. that porch light/camera really caught my attention! talk about functionality!

  13. 2nd

  14. "Privacy mode" 👀

  15. bosch is a great company

  16. How much is for that neat 360 degrees, tabletop camera ?


  18. I have a Bosch electric screwdriver and shrub trimmer and kettle and iron. Happy with all of them. So I will try these when they come out.

  19. I expect an employee discount on these products!!! 😏😍

  20. I have always wanted a security camera that i could confuse with my shaving gel.

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