Complete Guide To The Ultimate Smart Home : Demo 2017

Complete Guide To The Ultimate Smart Home : Demo 2017

In this video I will show you how to make an ultimate smart house / home with automation by showing you what is possible with just a little DIY work and guides from my channel as well as from my website Eventually you too can have a similar smart home to mine and even better.
Order the Kits, PCBs or 3D Printed Parts to make the devices here:

This Smart Home System Is Based On the raspberry pi 2 / 3, OpenHAB 2, MQTT, ESP8266, Arduino, IOS, Android, HomeKit and Amazon echo.

The devices I will show you in the video are : door sensor, sprinkler system, power strip, electric blinds, wall mounted tablet, LED Strip, and fire sensor.

Check out the official website:


My Car Channel:

This channel will show you the path to creating your very own Ultimate Smart House using Arduino, raspberry pi, esp8266, OpenHAB 2 and more to do home automation. Each video will be a different project and tutorial that you can follow to make your house more technologically advanced. Also, there is more information as well as detailed guides on

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  1. What monitors do you have? The exact name please.

  2. polskaaa!!!!

  3. Hey I was wondering how you Had your triple monitor stand not drooping or bending, because mine seems to be bending, i dont know if its just the weight of all the monitors and clamp together thought.

  4. 7:21 KaczynskiHouse
    Are you form Poland? 😉

  5. Smallest tv i have ever seen

  6. what is that smart screen panel called

  7. What coding/electronic prowess do I need to acquire to be able to do this myself? I’m working with ardunios and their variant of C at the moment! I look forward to your response 🙂

  8. I fell asleep after 5 minutes, is there a command to switch everything off when you are watching really exciting u tube videos

  9. what kind software you use to control every thing with tablet i like it 🙂

  10. Go Polska!!! 🇵🇱💪🏻

  11. What monitors do you have on that desk?

  12. "smart house"…. But only in my little room 😉

  13. wow. you’re a genius!

  14. Nice setup

  15. I love your video bro but I’m from India can I control’ my home like bro plz rly me bro

  16. i saw many home automation systems and how to do it but i want elegant installation like the controling interface like controle 4 and the rest big companies. and how to design it if possible and connect it to the hubs and devices like smart thing hub

  17. "’Alexa jerk me off””, ….. bionic Hand appeers and grabs my cock from my pants and says OK!!

  18. What monitors?

  19. well nice but you not really " showing me how to make an ultimate smart house " you are just showing how you set up your system.

  20. yooooo you should do a plex server!!!!!1

  21. the best video i’ve ever watched. thanks a lot <3
    aaannnddd thanks a lot for sharing the information.
    the voice detection system was so cool by the way. keep it up <3

  22. dude you are the man can you please fully explain on how to do this i have always wanted to make my room like this since i found out you can control stuff with Alexa and the interface next to the door to set alam that so dang cool…. I’m hella subing for more

  23. Quicker to turn on your self

  24. Ima gonna hack your crib….

  25. Noice

  26. Dude, if you get hacked one day your life will be turned to shreds. You will turn your lights and the wc will flush….

  27. there’s a certain point in the video where it goes from "interesting" to "wooah this kid actually knows his stuff"

  28. You should look to convert your websocket setup to Firebase as the latency is minor. Good job on building most of this I’m React/ React Native? I actually contributed quite a lot to the material design repo you seem to have used on the web interface.

    Awesome to see this kind of home automation being built from scratch as its usually left to the big companies to mass produce this kind of stuff.

    Subscribed to your channel as I have high hopes for you. 👍

  29. I also wnt to seee the hardware how you have manage

  30. I can understand "smart" alarms / keyless entries / lighting / camera’s etc …. But ambient lighting and switching standby powers ? I’m sure there’s reason … I think ….

  31. I hate it when people consider a bunch of relays attached to a network connected device "smart". I mean don’t get me wrong, this is very cool, but cmon, all you’re doing for the majority (apart from LED strips & chrome cast etc.) is cutting power using relays. Why not use IR blasters for your TV and possibly the monitors (idk if those dell monitors have IR receivers)? This would allow you to add a whole lot of other functionality such as changing the volume, channel, source, brightness etc.

  32. Jebany kaczyński śmieć

  33. This nigga has a 360 and an old ass 720p "tv" from 2012 lmao plus a Samsung galaxy s4 lul

  34. MK-SmartHouse what is the touchscreen you have on the wall? Is it just an android tablet? i have a official raspberry pi 7" touch screen I wonder if I could manage to get that to work like this.

  35. what hardware is that on the wall mounted interface?

  36. This is the best when u are watching secretly. When mom comes


  37. your last name is Kaczyński? xDD

  38. so how is this easier or simpler than pressing a button or flicking a switch?

  39. this is actually pretty fucking cool. nice job!

  40. So are you one of those slightly above average tech person, or do you consider yourself an advanced user who understand the deep core concepts of how your setup really works? Kernels, CPU’s, processing, etc. Like not just understanding that saying a sentence will do this but actually understanding the full internals for why and how it’s working?

  41. Very nice setup. If I may ask, did you build yourself the wall mounted panel for the tabled, or did you buy it? If you bought the wall mounted panel, can you please include a link? Thank you.

  42. How is the house automated? All I saw was fancy remote control.

  43. Smart house, or smart room?

  44. Wry not just close down all the power when you go to sleep in that room by click on 1 button on the wall, it is pretty fast the old way.

  45. Hey, what arm are you using with your 3 monitor setup? Thanks.

  46. While watching your video at 1:29 my alexa turned off my light! LOL!
    What are you using to split the mac laptop to 3 monitors?

  47. where do i get those electric blinds !? thanks

  48. omg Thats NIce :O

  49. Bro, Its Awesome, I appreciate your Knowledge, Is there anything , that Alexa can remove all the Cockroaches, just joking. Keep up the good work…

  50. Very well done. I just subscribed and am in the process or converting my home into a wireless smarthome. My wife and I are both retired and have health issues that make as much voice activation as possible important. I also designed our home ( I’m a retired Structural Engineer and my wife a retired Nurse have been living in the desert of Southeastern California’s Coachella Valley for the last 24 years. We also want to protect the property outside our home which only requires adding camera’s in the front of our home. We do use the Echo Dot and the tall Echo Alexa in the Great room to provide accessibility.
    I am specifically interested in the basic setup to obtain a storong Fios system throughout the home by setting up a wireless bridge using the initial wireless FIOS Router for basic direct connect to Mayo Clinic for clear connection of my wife’s Pacemaker monitor with Mayo Clinic’s Pacemaker Clinic, an M-Cell signal booster for areas where we are at the farthest location to our AT&T Cell Towers. We are using an Asus RT-N66W Dual Band wireless router as a wireless Bridge so that every location on the property is able to get a strong wireless connection. The Asus router also allows me to program my VPN directly into the router protecting my home from hackers and preventing anyone from following our browsing habits. I use which is a tested service that was unable to provide the FBI with a log of their clients browsing habits. PIA has more than 3600 private servers the tunnel data and information around the world. It can be placed on five devices at one time or if installed in the router will threat hundreds of wireless devices as only one device. Controlling a VPN wireless bridge also protects the outside devices on a smarthome hub which controls a driveway gate, flood cameras and the exterior lighting. Finally, we cut the cord to DirecTV or Cable and are using Amazon Prime, Netflix and Set Now, a multiple server IPTV service that is $20 per month (currently being trial tested before committing). Having a reliable IPTV live station setup is similar to the requirements of fifty years ago when we relied on Shortwave communications.
    Finally, I like your colored lighting and ceiling or lamp lighting. I wish to do this inside and out as well as adding led straps to areas to prevent falls or tripping over our four large dogs at night.
    You’ve started on a great plan to help educate the public who have not taken the time to learn to use these tools. I’ve spent my last seven years of retirement covering not only Smarthome setup but Genetics and Gene Editing using the latest tools so easy to understand and use to correct one or a thousand mutated DNA marker within a blood cell that can begin curing more than 60,000 recorded genetic mutations do those suffering with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, ALS and other diseases that will be cured and literally wiped off the face to the Earth. If you’re interested is learning about this I highly recommend a book that brings the discussion down to a layperson Understanding;" ( the future is wide open to the newest technology with an opportunity to begin now instead of waiting for other countries to take the lead. It’s also the next generation of small but stable start-ups that need money but if carefully chosen can create jobs and new patents that others seeking only to invest. " Crack in Creation; Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution" by Jennifer A Doudna, PhD and Samuel F. Sternberg, PhD. The authors are the Bio-geneticist who have patented the next explosion of safe and effective methods patented under by the University of California Regents who license the technology and have the ability of changing just on of four genetic codes in a helix of Billions using a lab created template (CRISPR-CAS9) on a test tube of human blood which can be verified that the documented gene mutation has been corrected and while riding on the back of a harmless virus fage will begin attacking specific mutated cells and correcting them throughout the Host’s body. Once done the disease is permanently eradicated from the host and if planning a family, the mutation will be gone in all future generations.
    I know I digress ed from the original topic, but I got the impression that you are a intelligent young man with your entire future ahead of you. I gave you this information only to show you how large the field is for those not afraid of taking a leap into the math and Sciences. The last piece of advice come from the nearly 70 year old retired Structural Engineer ; I graduated in the lower third of my high school in Illinois. I over music and I’ve been a blues guitarist for nearly sixty years. I realized I simply did not have the talent to make it in the field of music and I have a definite dislike of Authority figures. I failed at and was fired from many jobs including the family owned business. When I turned 30 years old I realized I needed to find my direction and return to school. I’ve been to seven college in 17 years. I met a handful of wonderful teachers who helped me understand the practicality of math on physics and I turned to Civil / Structural Engineering. My expertise was in Seismic Retrofit of pre-1969 Unreinforced and Adobe Structures to retrofit them to resist Earthquakes and high Wind events. Because I’m inherently lazy, I used spreadsheet software to write complex computer modeling software that could design the most economical solution that would improve the performance of a large four story Unreinforced Masonry structure that people of low income and up can reside in and would be affordable and safe. Inasmuch as no structure is earthquake or hurricane "Proof" the building would provide sufficient safety to allow people to get safely out. So, why am I talking about Genetics and Gene Editing? In 2014 my wife and I spent six weeks at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. My wife has had serious complete for nearly the last almost forty years we’ve been together. Her complaints were legitimate and serious as she lost a lot of weight and was unable to stand without assistance, and had trouble with the simplest tasks like opening a bottle is jar. After six weeks, and the conformation through Genetic testing, she was diagnosed with a rare form of adult onset Muscular Dystrophy called "Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2. It is a progressive disease and it affects every muscle in the body. At nearly 70 years old, my brain is still functioning and capable of learning. Since most of my education is self taught I am determined to keep my wife on the cutting edge to science not just because I love her, but because by leaving what helps her I can also help others. This isn’t about money or wealth. I spent the last 30 years as a Structural Engineer because I loved it. I’m not motivated by money. However, unless you have a wealthy family or a Trust fund in today’s world, your going to have to understand the business side of whatever you do and profit from it. If you don’t love what you do and you stubbornly stay in a position that doesn’t motivate you then you may as well get out and really find your niche in life to make your mark on society. You, my friend, are at a good starting point. By teaching others you begin to leave you mark, your potential for immortality. If you live on this planet and contribute nothing you are only taking up space. The future is for those creative educator who are willing to think outside the Cox where the boundaries for creativity do not exist. I think you are at the threshold of the door.
    If you are ever interested in exploring or tapping into the brain of this old guy, reply or contact me on Facebook and I’ll be happy to discuss this with you. I would love to see anyone like you reach your potential. Good luck to you and I’ll be following your other videos.

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