DIY Arduino Thermostat

DIY Arduino Thermostat

This is my arduino powered HVAC thermostat. It has 2 atmega328s that control the graphical lcd display and the sensors and oiutputs. Its still a work in progress.

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  1. Alan Tutorial level video work

  2. Cool video. You should try to get a 3D printer. You could then print a case for this to make it look like a production product.

  3. Hey! Do you know the website You should look it up and post a tutorial so other people can learn from this. Also, have you finished the thermostat and do you have a link for the video? Thanks.

  4. At least a REAL arduino project x) (no 30 minute video on a blinking LED) – I like stumbling upon those
    I find it really interesting because I am on a modular wireless domotics project on the VERY cheap (about 80% done @ 1.4k lines of code) and I’m interested in learning from you for the master unit =p.

    If you don’t mind answering to a few questions:
    1. what display was that? Did you write your own libraries? =)
    2. what MOSFETs?
    3. does your code ever freeze with your RTC? (when I poll mine too much –> freeze)
    4. epoxy or glue gun?
    5. how the hell did you manage to get enough pins on your arduino x) *gonna have to put two in serial*
    6. how do you "smoothen" your thermistor’s readings? average over X readings?
    7. I don’t get it … you get low DC voltage from high-voltage AC using rectifier diodes? o_O

    Anyways, best of lucks on your prototype =)

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