DIY Smart Home Equipment and Cost – My House Setup

DIY Smart Home Equipment and Cost – My House Setup

Everything you need for a Smart Home with my own house as the example. Anyone can do this one or a similar setup.

I don’t go over setting it up as that would take a long time. Maybe in another video.


All the stuff discussed in the video:

Smartthings Hub:
Phillips Hue Kit:
Z-Wave Garage Kit:
Kwikset Deadbolt:
Kwikset Lock with Lever:
Amazon Echo:
Amazon Echo Dot:
Z-Wave Light Switch:
Arlo Q:

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  1. We have the exact same kitchen weird

  2. Very cool thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the video. Great real world starter video for us looking to start in the world of home tech

  4. wow very nice!

  5. do you run a central hub programmed to control devices from a central location or you control each individual device as ‘alexa’ discovered them?

  6. How much was the garage door smart switch? What model/brand is it? What was install like for it? Thanks

  7. Excellent video! Thanks so much! What made you choose smartthings hub vs wink? Do you have to have a hub or not?

  8. thanks for the video

  9. Losing all control over my VIVINT smart home

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