Home Automation Solutions From Savant

Home Automation Solutions From Savant

From $2,000 to $200,000, there’s no limit to what you can automate in your home or condo with Savant.

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  1. Building Management Systems, HOME automation solutions with RF ID, GSM, Wi-Fi based and 2 wire BUS system, IOT technology SMART installation.
    Connect us on:-
    02225220885 / 02225220886 / 02225220887
    +919820062906 / 08767113311
    Mumbai, India.

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  2. so… you based your whole business on the success of apple products and the assumption that it will be the most intuitive OS of future mobile apps?

  3. Are you systems available in Hong Kong?

  4. Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of home automation on my blog at *jasonreviews. com/home-automation-review/* Thanks, Quentin.

  5. what does the host run?

  6. "unlike other home automation systems which use their own proprietary hardware, you’ve based it all on apple technology"…. what??

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