My Smart Blinds Review

My Smart Blinds Review

How to automate your existing venetian blinds. We review My Smart Blinds, the do it yourself automation kit that permits you to have your blinds open or close automatically at your preset times and day. We demonstrate the installation and review the features too.

The battery charge was fully depleted in 8 months of daily use, two pre-scheduled times each day.

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  1. i gave it a thumbsdown aind didn’t subscribe, i looked at the bottom right corner of my screen and didn’t see anything for subscribing….

  2. hi where did you buy mysmartbilnds?

  3. does it work with alexa?

  4. does it work with homekit?

  5. The switch is supposed to stick through the hole and the clip goes on the bottom to help hold it in… If the hole in your blinds is too small you have to trim it with something. Preferably a nibbling tool such as this…

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