4 Signs That Your Rap Name Really Sucks

4 Signs That Your Rap Name Really Sucks

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Rob Level – Way Up Music Video

4 Signs That Your Rap Name Really Sucks

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  1. I liked the name Novi Novak but I agree Rob Level is an easier one to say/spell and goes along with your brand really well!

  2. Is " fearless the creation" good?

  3. I did what you said and made my own YouTube channel how do I get people to watch my videos

  4. U said rap names dont matter now u say they do wtf

  5. hey rob how do you stay on beat when your rhymes go into into the next bar do you pause or something lol

  6. Thank God I found this channel subscribed

  7. People are blowing up from stupid names

    Lil toe nail
    Lil can
    Lil pump
    Lil walnut
    Lil drop top golf cart

  8. I love my rap name SistaTang. I might come up with another one that fits me better like Adventure because that’s how I live my life and I’m a daredevil. I love skiing, rapping, swimming, writing, love riding rollar coasters. I’m an adrenaline junkie. I also am mentally ill have been all my life. Time 4 me 2 write some lyrics about my past.

  9. Hey man I love your content and your channels. Thank you for everything that you’ve done thusfar. My birth name is Kobe. I was named after Kobe Bryant although I’m white and unfortunately in a very racist state of mostly whites(around 80%). Due to this I’ve been subject to a lot of racism by other whites. As a few examples. In school before learning to defend myself I would get beat up daily and even up until graduation was constantly called a N*****. It was hard to find a job at times because some places wanted me to change my name to something more"customer friendly". A few places even forced me not to wear a name tag. I feel like my name can’t be used because it’s already wicked famous. But having faced so much with it already I’m having trouble coming up with something that can separate myself from KB or the other famous or semi famous people with similar sounding names. Yet that I also can connect to and see myself being called. Not asking for name suggestions. But do you possibly have any kind of tips for this sort of thing? Thank you to whoever actually took the time to read this far and remember. Peace.

  10. What was Rob Level’s old rap name

  11. If u had to choose, Rob, which name would be better overall?

    Melli Montana or Yung Melli

  12. I go by Stiracha The God 🔥 fuck who says its good or not

  13. Lil Taiketsu

  14. I Found Myself By Name But By Branding Worked Way Better For Some Reason Lol And As Far As the 4th Thing Unless Its Ironic On Purpose Like If My Haitian Homie Started Rappin As Whitey Or Somethin As Example lol Lika Oxymoron Of Themselves Or Style Could Work I Think

  15. Xxxtentacion kinda follows this but look how big he is

  16. my rap name is lil pussy/ lil cat

  17. My rap name is Allacates, it’s easy to remember, moderately easy to spell and I’m basically the first to pop up when you search it on google. I might stick with this name 👌

  18. Aye , check your inbox on Instagram for " _Vylan " , i got somthin very important to tell you !

  19. Lil … Watever. Lol my shit is hella memoribal but the spelling might be a thing. Mines Bypolar what you think Rob

  20. “Peterpanoramic”😂

  21. bad names – lil pump, lil yachty, Lil Uzi vert,

  22. Can you show us how manage our time , I noticed you had a whiteboard with a to-do list

  23. My rap name is ToddyA 🤘🏼

  24. my rap name is Motiv, is that catchy enough??

  25. Young Virgin 😂

  26. lil pump, lil peep, basically all the ‘lil’s,…, 1 question tho, how did u come up wit ur names novi novak and rob level?

  27. My rap name sucks 100%, But idgaf….check out my trash ass music

  28. My rapper name is Mr. Matty Moses
    I love your new brand/name 💚
    (no offense to your other brand 😝)

  29. my rap name is ronin blades

  30. im serious…….. there is a guy called Lil windex
    Lil child support
    lil toenail

  31. Lil peanutbutter can smother your mother

  32. Wasssup, my rap name MistaMike, need some feed back of what everyone think

  33. Rob…. Can you just use your real name and make it a little better?

  34. “Dickies short” 😂

  35. "I hope you see this" Be honest, how long do you think it will take a college student, currently just learning music but want to be a pro rapper, to master his craft? From basic home studio with 12-dedicated hours per day. My fan pages are already over 1k without a single song upload all organic. Daily 200-likes up, a post. I am planning to upload a freestyle vid soon. I said 18-months, learning while aim to complete 1 mix tape (13 tracks) and 12 single. what is your honest view? #peace

  36. What about *Antwun Trademark?*

  37. My old rapper name use to be " The Sickest OG " , LMAO , it’s " Vylan " or " The Vylan " now tho , & my real name is Dylan , & i have the word Villain fused with my name now .. & Dylan is the good side of me in my music & Vylan is my evil wicked brutal troll ish side but yet real sometime’s as well to but in a offensive way .

  38. Here’s my rap name

  39. U can google me 😉🤘🏾 #MikeHype

  40. My rap name is N.drew or N. Drew. I don’t feel like it’s good because there’s a dot in it… help? My real name is André (Andrew). Please hit me with some good names 🙏

  41. I have this very issue of choosing a rap name. my GOV name is Ezzadean so I was thinking either Ezza+dean which I’m using now or CORTEZZ/Cortezz. Can yall give me some feedback, especially you Rob.

  42. “Style 1Thou” it just seems like a low bar to set for your style. Like why not a million? 😂

  43. I don’t necessarily agree with this 100%. Names like Logic used to not pop up like that because of how the word is used. However, if your name starts with Lil or Young, chances are that you are either like every other rapper, or you just suck lol. Minus Lil dicky, cause he funny af

  44. imma good Artist
    & very easy to find anywhere even on Google love the vids ^ Rob level ^
    Finestein Da Rapper

  45. My rap name is Capone Ramon

  46. What app should i use to record my songs on android. And a laptop

  47. Thouxanban Fauni is a dope rap name but its hell to type lol

  48. My name is "RV the rapper" if u search me the first person will be me

  49. “Bark Pimpson” 😂

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