How to make Amazon Key in home delivery service work and still be secure, how secure is it?

How to make Amazon Key in home delivery service work and still be secure, how secure is it?

How to Make Amazon Key in home delivery service work and still be secure, how secure is it?
No more hiding keys under the mat
Amazon Key lets you grant access to the people you trust. Schedule permanent access for your family members or give temporary access to recurring visitors like dog walkers, house

What if I already own a Cloud Cam or smart lock?
In order to activate Amazon Key, you need an Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) and an Amazon Key-compatible smart lock. To get started, check your eligibility.

Where do I need to install Cloud Cam?
To record your in-home delivery, Cloud Cam needs to be installed inside your home within 25 feet of your smart lock and facing your front door.

What if I have a home security system?
Amazon Key is not integrated with home security systems. On the day of delivery, you will need to disarm your home security alarm. We do not recommend using in-home delivery if you are not comfortable disarming your security system on delivery day.

What happens on delivery day?
On delivery day, you’ll receive a notification in the morning with a 4-hour delivery window for when the delivery driver will arrive at your home. Right before the driver arrives at your door, you will receive an “Arriving Now” notification and you can optionally watch the delivery happening live. The driver will knock first and then request to unlock your door with their Amazon handheld scanner. Amazon verifies that the package belongs to the address and the driver is near the door, turns on Amazon Cloud Cam and unlocks your door. No special codes or keys are given to the driver. The driver will then place the package just inside your door and request to relock the door. Once the delivery is complete and your door is relocked, you’ll get a final notification and can watch a video clip of the delivery.
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  1. Totally agree you should have a DMZ zone that limits entry. However to my understanding the “key” is a one-use encrypted hash deal – when the driver shuts the door on the way out that’s all she wrote for that code. And there is no human readable “key code” – it’s going to be a digital encrypted hash of some kind. Bottom line it’ll be as safe as is possible. Could that stop a crook from hiding in the bushes and forcing the driver at gunpoint to let them in? Nope. —and that’s why you need the “safe zone “ and second door.

  2. Russia China will soon invade US Canada Europeans. They have plans for you. Your choice is to own an AR rifle to fight or be slaved. Bye.

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