Kwikset Smart Code Lock 909/911 Convert to Home Connect Z-Wave 910 Model

Kwikset Smart Code Lock 909/911 Convert to Home Connect Z-Wave 910 Model

Convert your Kwikset 909/911 (non Home Connect lock) to Kwikset 910 Home Connect model which will allow you to connect these locks to your Vera and 2GIG home automation / security systems. You then will be allowed to lock and unlock from phone, internet, Z-wave controller. As well as change lock codes. This is great if you have remote rental properties so you can allow people into the home on certain days and times, and even better lease the code for a time period. I sell this chips through my online store at You can see most of my items in amazon and ebay.

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  1. Can this also be used to convert a Kwikset Smartcode 915 to a Smartcode 916?

  2. quick word of advice.  When you cut the hole for the deadbolt, don’t ever push the hole saw all the way through.  That’s why you chipped out the inside of the door.  Instead, once the drill guide on the hole saw pokes though, remove the hole saw the cut from the other side using the drill guide hole.  If this was a customer’s house, you’d be buying them a new door if they saw that.  Thanks for the information on the chip refit though..definitely money saver.  Take care

  3. +SmartHomeSD I connected this to my vivint system. All works as expected except my keypad on the deadbolt no longer functions. If I remove the chip it works as normal… I have the newer chip that was recently released… Not sure if that matters. Any ideas how to keep the keypad working?

  4. Do you know if the converted 909 will link up with the ADT Pulse system.
    I have 7 of the Kwikset 909 locks that I thought were already Z-wave enabled.
    But when ADT was here today installing my alarm I had them try to link my locks with their Pulse system and they were not recognized.
    So later I called Kwikset tech line and they told me that my locks would not work with a Z-wave system. I even ask if there were so kind of chip or up grade I could do that would make it work, and I was told no way

  5. Can you install the Z-wave unit (inside unit) with your existing deadbolt (without the keypad)? If so, would the Z-wave still work?  Thanks

  6. Will this connect with a Vivint Go Control Panel? 

  7. This chip will work with your system. The knowledge is not out there and kwikset doesn’t sell the chips seperatly. These zwave locks retail for $240+ but I sell the chips for $80 so if you already have the lock, all you have to do is put in the chips and program them. If you have any questions you can visit my website for my number, M-F 9AM-5PM PST. Thanks for watching

  8. Junk…..won’t program! Called 800 number still won’t work. JUNK!!!

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