The IOT Model House – Powered by PubNub

The IOT Model House – Powered by PubNub

This timelapse shows 6 weeks worth of construction on the Internet of Things model house project.

The model house was cut by laser and then modified with power tools to facilitate four lights and two servos. A prototype circuit board was soldered to provide resistance to the LEDs, supply external power to the servos, and provide a common ground.

The project was prototyped with an Arduino Uno (Rev 3) with a Seed Studio Ethernet Shield (v2). It has since been updated to an Arduino Yún which includes onboard WiFi.

The Arduino is powered by a USB battery pack and gets internet from a WiFi hotspot. The servos are powered by four AA batteries, making it possible for the entire project to operate completely wireless.

When the model house connects to the internet, it opens a connection to PubNub and begins waiting for messages. When someone taps “Open Garage” on their phone, their phone signals PubNub and PubNub tells the house to open the garage door.

Made by Ian Jennings at ATX Hackerspace in Austin, TX. Powered by PubNub.

Learn more about powering your IOT projects with PubNub here:

1:01 – Prototype
1:17 – Stain
1:32 – Mount Servos
1:40 – Connect to PubNub
1:52 – Mount LEDs
2:02 – Wire LEDs
2:09 – Create web interface
2:19 – Create circuit
2:34 – Solder circuit
3:07 – Build windows
3:13 – Mount circuit board
3:21 – Mount battery enclosure
3:28 – Glue
3:40 – Assemble
3:52 – Pack
4:21 – Project Overview

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  1. fucking annoying music.

  2. superb!!

  3. Hello  my friend   please  can you send to my your email and   price of this  project  …Regards

  4. Can you post here the programation commands?
    Since I´m making a similar project and i needed that help from you.

  5. good job can you send me the CAD file of the house please and thanks

  6. What is Estimated cost of this project?

  7. wow its just awesome ………….. 🙂
    i am planning to build very basic project on IOT, ie smart door lock………….
    i saw that even u have implemented that…… can u please help me out………
    thanks in advance 🙂

  8. Great, but how you mean to connect wires to all house from GPIO pins? I try to do the same but with Raspberry pi. Does PIN voltage and current flows few metars long? I suppose that there is 3,3 Volt from GPIO pins…

  9. What, exactly, did you use the fork for in this project?

  10. really cool

  11. bro I need ur help for a project on IOT power management can u pls help me

  12. I see myself in the future combination of web development and electronics.

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