What is Smart? NutriBullet Balance

What is Smart? NutriBullet Balance

Introducing the evolution of blending, the NutriBullet Balance!

Revolutionary Smart Nutrition Sensor technology connects the NutriBullet Balance and App to calculate REAL-TIME nutritional info, so you can build the perfect smoothie, based on your tastes, needs and nutrition goals, every time! No more measuring cups, recipe books or journaling!

Get yours at NutriBulletBalance.com

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  1. Well the app is cool, but you already have an app with recipes on it. People can just look up recipes depending on their diet anyways. What you is a good travel blender. Something small and portable.

  2. Very vague. How does it tell you that you added too much of anything? How many watts is this model? Can I add on the 32 oz. container? This ad left me with more questions than I started with.

  3. I’m a huge Nutribullet fan, have many of your products, but I just don’t see why you felt the need to take a shot at vegans…

  4. So other than the app how is the actual blender better than the previous one? Does it blend better. How many containers come with it. Looks pretty much the same on In black.

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